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Family Law and Divorce Mediation

Colorado Child Custody

Keeping Costs Down With Lasting Solutions To Conflict

Most courts require parties to attempt some kind of alternative dispute resolution at the outset of a case. Mediation is the most popular form of dispute resolution used today. Cindy Perusse’s decades of experience as a divorce attorney help tremendously in her role as a mediator.

Mediation is a voluntary process. Cindy Perusse speaks to both parties before scheduling the first session. If both parties wish to move forward, Cindy Perusse will send to each person an agreement to mediate along with a client questionnaire that will give me an idea of the issues that you seek to resolve.

It also speeds up the process if parties gather some important information prior to the first session such as income, assets, debts, and monthly expenses. The questionnaire includes a checklist of what to assemble in preparation for your mediation.

Cindy Perusse typically schedules your first joint session within 14 days. Two hours is the minimum time for each session and no more than four hours in a day. Little gets accomplished in less than two hours and people get tired after more than three or four hours.

Once you have resolved all your issues, you will walk out of the mediation with a memorandum of understanding, which is an outline of your agreement. The next step is to go to an attorney to put your terms into a legal format that gets reviewed and approved by the court. It is important to know that any agreements reached are non-binding until it is turned into an official court order.

Our rate is $200/hour for mediation services. Perusse Family Law is very good at helping couples reach fair compromises and settlements. If you need a divorce mediator in either the Minneapolis or Denver metro areas, call for a consultation today.

Colorado Child Custody
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